Wilderness, Urban, Medical, Navigation & Advanced Survival Courses for all.

Trueways Survival School offers Survival Training Courses founded on the tried and tested principles of its most senior team member, John 'Lofty' Wiseman.

Trueways offers more Survival Courses to more people than any company in the UK, from our 2 Day Woodland Weekend Survival courses for those that want a short survival break, our 3 Day Courses offering an extended experience for all, or for budding survivalists looking for something more challenging we offer our most popular course the 5 Day Survival Course leading to our 7 Day Advanced Survival course.

We also offer Survival Instructor training courses for those looking to expanding into teaching Survival Skills.

In addition to Wilderness based survival courses, we also offer Medical Survival teaching attendee's how to cope with an emergency situation while out in the field or maybe you're interested in how to cope when faced with the possibility of denial of service or Urban disaster then the Trueways Urban Survival and Preparedness course is the one for you.

In 2016 we are also running another Trueways Arctic Survival course from a location in Northern Sweden, places are limited on this unique and exciting course. For our younger budding survivalist we offer the Trueways Young Survivalist course, designed specifically for 7-15 year olds, this course was recently included in The Independent's best 50 activity days out. - Trueways can also offer private team building, survival based courses for corporates, scout groups and private parties.

Trueways Survival Courses are also available as a ready to give Gift Pack including Survival Course Voucher, Survival Knife & Survival Kit.

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Trueways Survival have more courses in more locations than any other UK Survival School, our instructors rank as the best in the world and we will ensure you have a great time, learning survival skills in a safe and professional environment.

We look forward to seeing you on a Trueways Survival Skills course.

Trueways Advanced Survival Skills CourseTrueways Medical Survival Skills CourseTrueways Arctic Survival Skills CourseTrueways How to become a Survival Instructor Course

Trueways 11 Day Arctic Survival Adventure
26th February - 7th March 2016 - Sweden
Only 2 Places Remaining

The Trueways Survival Arctic course, in keeping with our philosophy of real skills for real situations, seeks to deliver sensible and appropriate survival training for the extreme cold weather and environment settings.  Situated just outside the Arctic circle, our course location is ideally situated to deliver upon our aim.  

There will be a home base of cabins for use during the theoretical lessons and then its into the frozen lands to put it into practice in scenario based training situations.  Delivered by the Trueways Survival Chief Instructor and a specially selected local Survival Expert from the Swedish Armed Forces, who has also attended Trueways courses as a student himself, the wealth of experience and expertise delivered on this course will see all attendees gain life saving and valuable knowledge.


Trueways Arctic Survival Course DogsTrueways Arctic Survival Course LandscapeTrueways Arctic Survival Course Snow HoleTrueways Arctic Survival Course Hole Drill

Trueways Survival Courses coming up
13th February - 2 Day Basic Survival Skills - Walton On Thames (Surrey)
17th February - 5 Day Basic to Advanced Survival Skills - Ripon (Yorkshire)
26th February - 11 Day Arctic Adventure - Lulea (Sweden)
12th March - 2 Day Basic Survival Skills - Ripon (Yorkshire)
15th March - 2 Day Basic Survival Skills - Cranham (Gloucestershire)
21st March - 5 Day Basic to Advanceds Survival Skills - Bordon (Hampshire)
29th March - 3 Day Extended Basic Survival Skills - Ripon (Yorkshire)

More Course in more locations than any other Survival School
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From basic firelighting to advanced survival skills, Trueways Survival Courses offers them all, Call 0800 043 0832 for more details

Offering the widest range of Survival Courses in the UK, including Woodland, Medical, Urban, Navigation and Coastal.

Survival Courses available for beginners and those looking for something more advanced.

John "Lofty" Wiseman - Survival Course adviser for Trueways Survival - Sergeant Major, B Squadron (Sabre Sqn) 22 SAS, author of bestselling 'The SAS Survival Handbook'

Trueways Survival - UK & Arctic Survival Courses

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